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Introduction to Playbooks

New Playbooks users START HERE!
Walk through setup and common workflows like making calls, sending emails, using Plays, and tapping into our Real Intelligence network. (60 mins)


Play Maker

Learn all about creating Plays, Play strategy, and Robot automation to assist with Play and process flow. This course is perfect for new Playbooks Administrators, managers, and even users that will be creating Plays.


Playbooks Manager

If you are managing a team of Playbooks users you have a very important role. This course will discuss manager specific features in Playbooks that will help to keep your team motivated and productive.


Playbooks + Salesforce Reporting

Ready to be a Playbooks reporting guru? This course will dive into what data is recorded in Salesforce and how teams can turn it into meaningful reports and dashboards. It is perfect for new Playbooks Administrators, Managers, Sales Operations, and Enablement teams.


Playbooks Telephony Basics (101)

This course will provide learners with a fundamental knowledge of telephony in the context of Playbooks: Making outbound calls, receiving inbound calls, sending SMS messages, and lastly, identifying and reporting issues related to telephony.


Advanced Playbooks Telephony (201)

Learn how Playbooks integrates with the larger telephony landscape. This course takes a learner’s knowledge of Playbooks telephony to the next level. Dive deeper into telephony architecture, International dialing specifics, and troubleshooting.


Playbooks Solution for A/B Testing

Learn how to set up an A/B Test to validate effectiveness of two different sales cadence elements.


Playbooks Solution for Speed to Lead

Develop a Speed To Lead strategy by leveraging Playbooks features and learn why immediacy & persistency must be included in your Speed to Lead strategy.


Effort vs. Results

Are you tracking and measuring metrics that drive the bottom line? We'll discuss some common reporting strategy mistakes and offer suggestions on what operation and leadership teams should be reporting on.


Playbooks Solution for Accounts and Opportunities

Explore use cases that demonstrate where Playbooks has helped to drive customer and prospect engagement from the Account and Opportunity record.


An Inside Look at XANT Research

Aaron Janmohamed, XANT Sr. Director of Product Marketing, explores highlights from our most recent lead response management study, when to prospect study and play persistence research, as well as a sneak preview of the upcoming state of sales development study.